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We look forward to assisting you in the comfort of your own home.

Home Health Agency

The St. Louis metropolitan areas only home health agency dedicated solely to orthopedics. It's all we do.

Education For Faster Rehabilitation

We use a comprehensive patient-teaching program design to augment and reinforce hospital education.

Welcome to St. Louis ★ Illinois Home Health

We're a small, specialized, focused and highly personalized operation that prides itself in the tradition of excellence known to Orthopedists who have referred patients to us for the past 25 years.

Faster Rehabilitation

Staff consists of licensed therapists and registered nurses and aides who are experienced in orthopedic care and rehabilitation. As a result, patients rehabilitate faster, and, we believe, better! For continuity of care patients see the same therapist and nurse until his or her rehabilitation is completed.

Flexible Staff Access

We provide 24 hour a day, 7-day a week staff access. The physician or patient can easily reach their therapist or nurse should questions or concerns arise. Standard physician protocols guide the home health staff in providing appropriate, physician-sanctioned responses.

Patient Teaching Programs

Uses a comprehensive patient-teaching program designed to augment and reinforce hospital education. By teaching patients what is expected and what is unusual, they are more confident in caring for themselves sooner, thus decreasing the need for prolonged nursing visits.

Why Us? The Better Difference

We're patient care and physician-driven. Our reason for being in business is to bring cost-effective care to the homebound- not to add to the financial burden already placed upon Medicare and other payor sources.

We contact patients as soon as a referral is made. Patients tell us it is comforting to know arrangements for their home rehab and recovery have been made. And that they worry less while they are recovering in the hospital.

We look forward to assisting you in the comfort of your home. Should you have any questions regarding services offered by St. Louis ★ Illinois Home Health please contact the main office at 1-800-538-9723.

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